In my free time, I naturally engaged in the usual activities of a tourist in the Big Apple, visiting, among other sites, The American Museum of Natural History, the United Nations, and Central Park. I even made the requisite pilgrimage to Wall Street in Lower Manhattan where I checked out the progress being made in the early stages of the construction of the nearby World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers. Little could I imagine their lot some 33 years later.

Furthermore, as virtually no one goes to Manhattan without taking in a Broadway play, I accordingly indulged myself by attending, at the Billy Rose Theatre on 41st Street, the rather controversial production of “Soldiers.” It ran on the Great White Way from May 1 through to May 18 and starred the late John Colicos whose interpretation of Winston Church was magnificent, to say the least. While at the other end of the entertainment spectrum, I also sat in on a New York Mets game at Shea Stadium, a match which the home team, not unexpectedly, lost.