On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated in the United States. Three days later, on Sunday, April 7, there was a peaceful march through the city centre of Montreal in his memory. I participated in that procession and took a series of black and white pictures, the first of which is displayed here. I will post several others in the days to come.

The photos are interesting because they illustrate in many ways how Montreal has changed in the last 39 years. The photo shown here was taken from Dominion Square (south of Dorchester), looking north along Peel. Note the old bus (which was brown in colour) at the top of that street and itself heading north.

Any familiar faces?

This last photo (also from April 7, 1968) is looking north, from St. Catherine, along Metcalfe. The old Simpson’s Building is on the right and in the distance can be seen an old Montreal landmark (since disappeared) in the form of Joe’s Steakhouse.